SAT Ultimate Prep Course

Take your future in your hands! The SAT Ultimate is an extended test prep program that provides you with the tools you need to prepare for and ace the SAT. The extended format immerses you in content review and test-taking strategies. Two proctored practice tests allow you to get a feel for the test, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and receive feedback on questions you find challenging. In addition to the time spent in the classroom, you are given access to online office hours, recordings of the workbook modules for at-home review, and four hours of online review leading up to the popular fall test dates.

The SAT Ultimate includes:

• 30 hours of direct classroom instruction

• Experienced, expert instructors

• 2 timed, proctored practice tests

• Course textbook: The Official SAT Study Guide from College Board

• Real SAT practice questions and tests

• Course workbook

• Thorough presentations and explanations

• Easy-to-follow study plan

• Access to online support resources

The SAT Ultimate includes online tools to help you to perform at their peak on test day. Four online review sessions are held in the weeks leading up to the fall SAT test dates. The interactive, one-hour online review sessions allow you to participate and ask questions of our expert test prep instructors. The live-online review sessions are recorded—you can still benefit even if your schedules don’t allow live participation. Review sessions will be scheduled between the end of the course and the fall test dates. You need only high-speed internet access and speakers or headphones to participate in the online sessions—no additional software is required.

Weekly online office hours provide a convenient way for you to get individualized help with specific questions or concerns. Online office hours are free-form meetings open to all participants from the SAT Ultimate. Instructors will be available to answer any questions that you might have. The sessions are “drop-in” and are student-directed, so there will not be a planned presentation for each session. Instead, our instructors will answer questions and work through problems in the order that they are received.

In addition, you will have access to an online instructor-monitored question forum and to recordings of an expert instructor explaining and reviewing all the workbook modules. Access to the online resources will continue until the end of the calendar year, so you will have extended support as you complete your preparation independently.

Age Group

15, 16, 17

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On or Before April 5, 2021
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$ 395
On or Before April 5, 2021
$ 645

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